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Welcome to RIO, The WinStar Way

Welcome to RIO, The WinStar Way

Grab your Club Passport and get ready to explore the newest city at WinStar. If you’re looking for an adventure, head to the RIO Gaming Plaza to experience a thrilling opportunity to win – day and night.

Located at the south end of the casino, just past the New York Gaming Plaza, RIO has all the amenities to make your visit unforgettable. With 500 electronic games, RIO is designed for everyone who is ready for a new gaming experience. RIO has its own cashiers, player’s club desk – it’s gaming paradise. In addition to those enticing features, there is also a bar located in the gaming area. While you’re here, check out our RIO Sunset drink to make your time in RIO even sweeter.

On top of all the wonderful amenities to make your visit to RIO memorable and comfortable, there is a separate non-smoking entrance that you can enter from the outside of the building. Kick back and relax in a refreshing area while you win like never before.

Explore the many games offered, grab a drink and start winning. RIO is an energizing destination that is sure to provide the ultimate comfort and excitement.

Next time you’re here, make it a point to stop by the RIO Gaming Plaza and get in on all the action!