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Tour Around the (WinStar) World

Tour Around the (WinStar) World

One of the first things you notice about WinStar World Casino and Resort, besides its immense size, is the exterior design of the building. From our versions of London’s famous Big Ben to the Colosseum in Rome, WinStar’s design is unlike any other casino in the world. But wait, this uniqueness isn’t just limited to the exterior as inside we took the most wonderful and beautiful cities in the world and condensed them into one building to provide an exciting and unique experience for all of our guests. Be sure to hold on tight as we take you on a whirlwind tour around the world in just a few minutes.

Starting from the east end of the casino to the south, let’s jump right into our cities:


There’s no mistaking you’re in London as you pass our Big Ben on the way in. The architecture in this gaming plaza takes its cues from 19th century classical design with reinterpreted European flair. Plus, if you’re craving English eats, Chips ‘N Ales, designed to look like a traditional London pub, has fish, chips, pot pies and more. The only thing missing from our London is Buckingham Palace!


This city is full of gorgeous statues that were meticulously built, carved and polished by a team of 35 artisans who spent more than 4,800 hours to complete. Also in Madrid is our famous Gran Via buffet, named after the actual Gran Via in Madrid, Spain­—an upscale street with shopping and restaurant options.


This city has so much beauty we had to make sure we captured it all. A spot-on replica of the Colosseum welcomes you into Rome where you’ll immediately be captivated by the beautiful statues and fountains. Our marble statues were hand carved by 26 artisans and took an astounding 5,760 hours to carve and more than 900 hours to polish. Their combined weight is over 30,000 pounds.


The first thing that catches your eye in our Beijing gaming plaza are the enormous, sparkling dragons hanging from the ceiling. There are 163,850 hand-cut crystals comprising these eight dragons. The dragons are protecting a pair of crystal flaming pearls that represent luck in the Asian culture. It took 22 artisans more than 672 hours to string together the crystals alone!


Oh, the city of love! You and your special someone can admire our Eiffel Tower followed by a date at our bakery, Le Paris. You can then stroll around and admire the ornate fountains that will sweep you away to a romantic Parisian evening.


If the architecture looks familiar in this gaming plaza, it’s because it strongly resembles St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Historic Center of Vienna plus many more famous landmarks in this city. Take a moment to check out the fearless lion atop the Vienna Bar, or the with choreographed water and light shows. It’s a city full of history and beautiful structures—it simply had to be included in our casino.


This city has so much to offer. Not only is Cairo the capital of Egypt, but it’s home to the iconic pyramids and is in close proximity to the Great Sphinx. You’ll find a replica of the Cairo Tower here as soon as you enter the gaming plaza.

New York

You’ll definitely feel like you’re in the Big Apple when you see our Statue of Liberty! If you want to feel like a real New Yorker, grab a hot dog and shake at NYC Burgers and Dogs while admiring the You can enjoy live music and drinks at Skyline Lounge, where you’ll be surrounded by the beautiful skyline of New York City. You may even forget you’re actually in Oklahoma!

You don’t need a plane ticket or a boat to travel the world. You can do it all in one visit here with us and all you’ll need is a pair of walking shoes. Grab your Club Passport card and let your adventure begin!