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Getting Started at the Casino (pt. 1) – Rookie of the Year

Getting Started at the Casino (pt. 1) – Rookie of the Year

Rookie, newbie, novice, we’ve heard it all. But you’ll learn quickly when you come to WinStar, because you’ll be having so much fun! We welcome players of all levels of skill and experience into WinStar World Casino and Resort. If there’s a game you’ve been wanting to try, but don’t know how to play it, we’d love to teach you how to get started.

To that end, we’ve created a comprehensive Beginner’s Casino Guide to help you learn the ins and outs of playing at WinStar World Casino and Resort. In part 1 of our guide, you’ll learn the basics of progressive jackpots, our Club Passport Card and table game dos and don’ts.

Progressive Jackpots

When you’re playing at one of our electronic games, you may notice that it has a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that increases in value each time it’s played until the jackpot is hit. The jackpot amount is displayed on a digital display above the machine or above the bank of machines.

There are two types of progressives: in-house progressives and wide area progressives. With in-house progressives, a bank of gaming machines are linked together and playing any machine increases the jackpot value of the entire bank of machines. Eventually, someone at that group of machines will win the jackpot!

With wide area progressives, machines are connected to machines in other casinos, all contributing to raising the collective jackpot until someone wins. With wide area progressives, there are more people competing for the jackpot, so the odds are slimmer, but the payout is much higher. The jackpots on wide area progressives can increase to extremely high, life-changing payout amounts.

Electronic games typically have different amounts you can bet per spin, and there’s typically a max bet button, which simply bets the highest bet per spin allowed on that particular machine. Usually the highest payout amounts are calculated for a max bet spins, so to hit the highest jackpot possible, you need to be using the max bet option.

Club Passport Card Benefits

Simply put, the Club Passport Card amounts to free stuff! Club Passport members have a blast playing our electronic gaming machines while simultaneously earning points to redeem for excellent dining, shopping and entertainment opportunities. Your reward points can be redeemed at WinStar Golf Course, one our many fine restaurants and gift shops, or can be downloaded to your favorite electronic gaming machine. It’s easy to become a Club Passport Member. Click here now!

Table Games Dos and Don’ts      

When you’re ready to grab a cocktail and sit at a table for some Blackjack, Baccarat, or Ultimate Texas Hold’em, just remember these dos and don’ts while you play.


Do dress properly.
Do turn your phone off or step away from the table if you need to use it.
Do know the rules of the game.

Do consider your bets thoroughly.

  • Do observe the bet line. Once chips cross bet line, they are considered a bet.
    Do listen to the dealer.
    Do cash out before you leave the table.
  • Do have fun!

Do Not

  • Do not berate another player at the table.
  • Do not use foul language.

Do not help other people.
Do not move or remove your chips after the cards have been dealt.
Do not touch other player’s chips.

Do not show your cards to anyone else.

Now that you know the scoop, get started tonight by walking into WinStar World Casino and Resort and hitting the gaming floor. You might end up being named “Rookie of the Year!