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A New Level of Play at WinStar

A New Level of Play at WinStar

Big changes are coming soon to the WinStar Club Passport Card, and we want you to know all about them.

The Club Passport Card will switch to a tiered card system, offering you benefits based on your tier level. Your tier level will depend on the number of tier points you have earned:

  • Base: 0 – 4,999 points
  • Premier: 5,000 – 14,999 points
  • Elite: 15,000+ points

You may advance or decline only one tier level at a time. When you reach the next tier level, your tier point balance will reset to zero.

Tier points will be earned at participating electronic games at the rate of $10 per one tier point. Tier points for table games will be earned based on the game, average bet and duration of play.

Each of the three tiered levels boasts fabulous benefits. Here are the rewards you can expect in each tier:

So, now that you know all about the great rewards you’ll receive in each tiered level, here are some quick tips to help you make the transition:

  • Your new card will be printed with an expiration date, reminding you how long you have to enjoy the benefits of your current tier level
  • Your current Club Passport Card will work until you get the new card

Your benefit level will expire every 6 months. During those 6 months, the number of tier points you earn will either help you maintain your current tier level or help you advance to the next level. If you do not earn enough points to maintain your current level, you will be downgraded to the next lowest level. After the expiration date printed on your card, you will need to visit the Players Club to receive your new card (even if you maintained your tier level).

Are you excited yet? We thought so! Stay tuned for an official launch date for this new and exciting program.

WinStar Temporary Closure Extended through April 15 Due to COVID-19 Precautions

The health and safety of our patrons and employees continues to be of paramount importance. Therefore, we have extended the temporary closure of the casino, all retail stores and casino restaurants through April 15.

The WinStar World Casino Hotel will remain open, as it is deemed an essential business to accommodate those who still need to travel at this time. Fun Town RV Park at WinStar, WinStar Golf Club, WinStar Golf Academy will remain open. Legends Bar and Grill will remain open with curbside pick-up only.

We will post updates to our website based upon the best available information and through social media as they occur.

Thank you very much for your loyalty and your understanding as we navigate this difficult time.