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Q&A With WinStar Golf Instructor Sydney Cox

Q&A With WinStar Golf Instructor Sydney Cox

You’ve already met WinStar Golf Academy Instructors Bill Knodle, Jon Stephenson and Gary Nutt. This week, we took a moment to speak to touring professional and WinStar Academy golf instructor Sydney Cox.

As a 2009 Oklahoma City University grad, Sydney Cox has already made an impression on the professional golf circuit locally and internationally, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South America. She is currently working toward earning her Titleist Performance Institute certification this summer and is dedicated to helping others reach their full potential.

How long have you worked in the golf industry? How long have you worked at WinStar?

I’ve worked in the golf industry five years as a touring professional and I have over seven years of teaching experience. I’ve been an instructor at WinStar Golf Academy for the past year and a half.

What makes WinStar Golf Academy unique?

WinStar Golf Academy is one of the best academies in the nation with the greatest technology! The caliber of instruction is unmatched. I love being surrounded by such supportive people who not only believe in my ability as a player, but also welcome me as an instructor to such a prestigious academy!

What are your top three recommendations for things to do at WinStar Golf Academy?

  1. Experience the GEARS system. See yourself in 3-D and experience the latest technology in the industry.
  2. Get a TrackMan evaluation. While working with one of our great instructors, you will experience the opportunity to learn exactly what you are doing in your swing and how to make improvements in your ball striking.
  3. Play with a pro: Learn from the best and ask questions to help you better your game on the golf course, the greatest place to learn.

What is your favorite thing about WinStar Golf Club?

I love how we are always working on ways to improve every aspect­—the beauty of the golf course, the purity of the greens, the organization and flow—we don’t settle when it comes to service or quality. I appreciate the hard work we put into both the golf club and academy to make it better for everyone.

Do you work with golfers of all skill levels?

I have over seven years of teaching everyone from four-year-olds to men and women of all levels and ages. Three of my students have earned scholarships to college, one of whom won the State Championship in Oklahoma! I enjoy helping beginners learn to love the game and I enjoy the challenge of helping advanced players continue to grow. I have worked with some of the greatest instructors and have always believed in being a student of the game. I love using what I’ve learned to help others grow their passion!

What is your specialty?

My specialty is in developing players and their game. I believe in teaching the swing and course management, as well as ways to get stronger mentally and physically.

In your opinion, what do most golfers do incorrectly?

They think incorrectly on the course itself. They focus on swing and mechanics rather than getting the ball in the hole as quickly as they can. Short game is extremely important and often overlooked. A lot of golfers focus on the physical side when the mental aspect of the game and taking time to look at a golf course are both crucial to great scores.

If you had one tip for a golf student, what would it be?

Pick a target on every single shot and commit to that target!

Who’s your favorite pro?

Favorite male pros: Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth. They are fearless golfers with a great demeanor.

Favorite female pro: Annika Sorenstam. She broke barriers in women’s golf and will always remain a legend.

Thanks, Sydney! To schedule a lesson with Sydney Cox and improve your game, visit us online or call WinStar Golf Academy at 866-466-1482.