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Q&A with WinStar Golf Instructor Jon Stephenson

You may have seen our recent blog highlighting WinStar Golf Academy instructor Bill Knodle. This week, we sat down with Jon Stephenson, our Director of Fitting and GEARS professional.

Jon hails from San Diego and has been playing golf since he was able to hold a golf club. With professional gigs under his belt such as the Dakotas Tour and the RE/MAX Long Drive Regional finals, Jon knows his way around the greens. He has been a Master Club Fitter for over seven years and has worked with big names in the golf industry like Hank Haney and Dave Stockton.

How long have you worked in the golf industry? How long have you worked at WinStar?

I have worked in the golf industry 10 years, and I have been an instructor at WinStar Golf Academy for 2.5 years.

What makes WinStar Golf Academy unique?

What makes us unique is that we are able to improve any aspect of your game no matter the weather, time of year or skill level. We offer an experience that is hard to find in the golf industry, including GEARS 3D and using real Titleist Pro V1 golf balls for all of our fittings. Our standards are very high at WinStar Golf Academy.

What are your top three recommendations for things to do at WinStar Golf Academy?

Play the course, see your swing in 3D and get fitted for some clubs!

What is your favorite thing about WinStar Golf Club?

My favorite thing about WinStar is the people. Everyone here is a joy to work with, and I love being a part of such a great community.

What is your specialty?

I work with golfers of all skill levels in swing analysis with our 3D GEARS system and club fitting.

In your opinion, what do most golfers do incorrectly?

Most players are not fit for their golf equipment and don’t realize the performance they are giving up by not having the proper fitting.

Any tips for all our avid and aspiring golfers out there?

Set up a little right of your target with your driver. Right-handed players should play the ball on their left toe and feel like they are swinging out to the right to hit the ball from the inside and increase distance.

Who’s your favorite pro?

Fred Couples because he has the best-looking swing in golf and hits it miles! BOOM BOOM!

Who are your top three picks to win the Masters?

Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, and Henrik Stenson.

There you have it, folks! To schedule an appointment with Jon to get fitted by one of the best in the biz, and to perfect your golf swing on our GEARS 3D System, visit us online or give WinStar Golf Academy a call at 866-466-1482.