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The Life Of A Hotel Front Desk Agent

The Life Of A Hotel Front Desk Agent

The cold weather has settled in, which can only mean one thing- the holiday season is upon us! This is a time when not only our casino gets a little busier, but our hotel does as well. We have more than a thousand rooms, 4 separate buildings and one amazing staff to handle it all. Imagine if during your average day at work, you spoke with people from all across the country. I had the privilege of sitting down with several Front Desk Agents to talk about it and it was quite a treat. If you will be joining us this holiday season, read on and find out a little bit about these people that make the hotel such a special place.

Like most of you, I do not know the front desk staff very well. What’s the best way to get to know someone? Ask some questions! One of the first things I wanted to know was how many people per day do they interact with, whether that be by phone or in person. It’s definitely more than I thought- the average was 300 people per shift! If you want to meet some of the most outgoing and friendly people at WinStar, head over to the hotel.

Since they talk to so many people, I wondered what questions they get asked the most often. Brenda said the question she gets the most is if people can get into the Pool Towers. While Lindsay says she has a lot of people ask if they can extend their stay, which we say go for it! What’s an average day like for Front Desk Agents? Kara said that the beginning of the day, which starts at 7:00 a.m., is slow and gradually becomes busier as check-out approaches. Once the hotel guests have checked-out, it’s time to welcome the newcomers checking in for their stay. It’s a constant flow of meeting new guests and kicking off their stay with us.

The desk is open 24/7, so I asked Judy what an overnight shift was like. Considering the games, entertainment and dining never stop at WinStar, she said it was a lot busier than expected.

While all of those questions gave me great insight into their job, the best part of the interview by far was when I asked what their favorite part of working in the hotel was. Every single person (and I mean every single person) responded by saying that they love their job. They love what they do, who they work with and the people they encounter. Tammy said she cannot remember having a job she’s enjoyed so much.

I would like to say thank you to Brenda, Kara, Tammy, Judy, Lindsay, Amy and the rest of the front desk staff for taking time out of their busy day for us. If you’re visiting us this holiday season, I hope you will throw a smile and a wave to the wonderful hotel staff!