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The Dish On Chips’N Ales

The Dish On Chips’N Ales

Picture this: you’ve been playing electronic games for a few hours. You’re winning and having a great time, when all of a sudden your stomach growls. You realize it’s time for dinner, but you’re not sure where you should eat. You scope out the options, but you’re still stuck. It all sounds delicious. This kind of dilemma is common among our patrons because we have 19 distinct restaurants. While all of our eateries are fantastic, I would like to focus on one longtime restaurant that recently made some great changes: Chips ‘N Ales.

Most who have already dined at Chips ‘N Ales know it is one of our best places to eat, but did you know the chips are cut fresh daily? Or that 40 additional seats were added during the expansion? I recently sat down with Chips ‘N Ales Manager Anthony Martinez and got the inside scoop on this popular food joint. First, I wanted to know about their fry situation. They make them fresh daily and believe it or not, they use a whopping 5.5 to 6 tons of potatoes each month! This large amount may be due to one of their most popular menu items, Irish nachos! Imagine traditional nachos, except they substitute the tortilla chips with freshly made French fries. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

We have focused on the “chips” of Chips ‘N Ales, but now I would like to turn your attention to the “ales.” Seasonal brews are now offered at the restaurant, which is unlike most bars throughout the casino. This month’s brew is Southampton Pumpkin Ale. Enjoying a great meal with a tasty drink is right up my alley!

If you haven’t tried this amazing establishment yet, Martinez has a few suggestions on what to order. Start your meal off with clam chowder, followed by the Number 7, which is a combination of fish, chicken, shrimp and their famous fries. A meal isn’t complete without dessert, so top it off with a slice of pineapple upside-down cake. Martinez says, “You can’t go wrong!”

There’s no need to wait until dinner to fill your stomach with this delectable food. Chips ‘N Ales opens daily at 10am, so what are you waiting for? Go eat!