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Adventure Road Trippin’

Adventure Road Trippin’

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning your vacation. Some may travel from coast-to-coast, or even to another country. What some people don’t know is that an unforgettable vacation can be found just a short drive north. The great state of Oklahoma offers plenty of places to see and things to do. Adventure Road, our new travel partner, will guide you along I-35 and all the wonderful adventures waiting for you.

Adventure Road is a 130-mile stretch of road that extends from the Red River all the way to Oklahoma City. It features numerous places to explore, dine and more. When you visit the Adventure Road website, you can see a list of all Adventure Road Travel Partners on the Destinations page. The Blue River, Chickasaw White House, Arbuckle Trails and, of course, WinStar World Casino & Resort are just a few of the destinations on the ever-growing list. AdventureRoad.com also has the ability to help you create your own adventure with the My Adventure feature. You can customize your trip to make it the best one yet!

What’s a road trip without music? Don Juntunen, an award-winning Oklahoma guitarist, has created a collection of songs to accompany you on your travels. These songs, collectively called “Drivin’ Dreams,” can be found here. You can also pick them up at our gift shops, golf club, and RV Park.

Adventure Road urges you to “rediscover the magic of a classic road trip,” and that’s exactly what you should do. When you’re ready to start planning your trip, please visit their website to begin preparations. Also, make sure you follow Adventure Road on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what their travel partners are up to. The journey of a lifetime awaits you!