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World Long Drive Countdown: The Champions and The Contenders

World Long Drive Countdown: The Champions and The Contenders

With less than two months remaining in the 2018 season, the World Long Drive is heating up and the race to WinStar Golf Club is on. Dozens of the world’s strongest and longest golfers are vying for a spot in this year’s World Long Drive Championships, including a few well-known competitors in the sport. Here’s who to keep an eye on as we draw closer to the big week.

The Champions

Tim Burke
In the last three years, the Open Division has been conquered by a three-headed monster. Tim Burke took home the title in 2015. Originally a collegiate and minor league baseball player, he’s used that experience to develop a long drive swing that’s earned him the title of Two-Time World Champion.

Joe Miller
One of the biggest and most powerful men on the tour, Joe Miller really is The Total Package. In any sport staying on top is difficult, Joe has found himself on top twice in his career, 2010 and 2016.

Justin James
Another former baseball player, James has skyrocketed to the top of the World Long Drive leaderboards, culminating in a world title at the end of his sophomore campaign. Now in his third season, he remains World No. 1 and, at 28 years old, plans to stay there for awhile.

The Contenders

Will Hogue
He might not be World No. 1, but there’s no one hotter in the sport of long drive than this Memphis-based firefighter. Already a three-time winner this season on the tour, Wil Hogue is blasting past the competition on a regular basis. If you’re searching for the prototypical specimen for a long drive champion, look no further. His 6’3”, 230-pound frame is nearly identical to the average height (6’3”) and weight (235 pounds) of the last three Open Division Champions.

Maurice Allen
Standing at 5’8”, Maurice packs a punch in his golf swing that led him to the World No. 3 ranking in 2018. He’s a former track & field star from Florida A&M University and just two years ago recorded a drive of 488 yards.

Ryan Steenberg
If you’re looking for compact power, look no further than Ryan Steenberg. Packing 240 pounds of muscle into a 5’10” framework, this strength and conditioning coach makes swinging a golf club look easy. As for his golf swing? Let’s just say there’s a little thing called the Steenberg Smash.

Paul Howell
This boy from Wilson, North Carolina, powers his swing on cheese sticks and Bojangles. And judging by his No. 9 in the world ranking, we’d say it works. “Chewy” has had success in Thackerville, placing 2nd at the WinStar Midwest Slam and advancing to the quarterfinals of the Volvik World Long Drive Championship last year.

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The championship is going to be a big hit this September, so don’t miss your chance to catch the action live and in person with free admission. Visit our website for complete schedule and details.