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The World’s Game Show: Luck of the Irish

The World’s Game Show: Luck of the Irish

Weekends here at WinStar are always exciting, but this past one was exceptionally thrilling. If you’re wondering what made it so special, I have eight words for you—The World’s Game Show: Luck of the Irish! This name is fitting because luck was certainly on our guests’ side as they took away cash, Bonus Play and cars!

The World’s Game Show wouldn’t be complete without an amazing opening act. If you’ve been to previous game shows, you’ve witnessed dancing dogs, juggling tricks and even a bird shooting out of a cannon. This time, we had Quick Change Russian duo perform mind-boggling magic! The pair danced effortlessly across the stage all while changing costumes within seconds in front of the audience. The final quick changing act included glitter being thrown in the air, which turned the dancer’s costume from a sassy pink dress to an elegant white gown. Do you know how they pulled this off? I sure don’t, but it was incredible to see! After that was completed, our host, David Magee and his side kick, LeRoy took the stage. A lot of winning then ensued!

A total of 25 people were randomly selected and called on stage to participate in games on both Saturday and Sunday. Those lucky people were able to take part in games that included: Match Play, The Great WinStar Mystery, Risk and Reward, Stack the Deck and a new game called Bank Buster. We also witnessed a record-breaking win in the Stack the Deck game that maxes out winnings at $48,000. On Sunday, one lucky patron won over $30,000! The crowd went absolutely wild for this huge win, and it was so fun to watch. One of the best parts of The World’s Game Show is that everyone who was called to the stage always leaves with something—cash, Bonus Play, even a brand new car! We’d like to send a special congratulations to all the lucky winners.

On behalf of WinStar, I would like to send out a huge thank you to David Magee and his team for successfully pulling off another wonderful game show. We cannot wait to see what you have in store for the next one! For more pictures of this event, please visit our Facebook page here.