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Reader’s Choice: How to Become a VIP

Reader’s Choice: How to Become a VIP

A week ago, we gave our Facebook fans the chance to pick our next blog topic. The race was close, but the topic that came out on top was: How to Become a WinStar VIP and Why You Want to Be One! Undoubtedly, everyone who walks through our doors is a very important person, but there are extensive benefits of having the official “VIP” status. By the end of this, you’ll be racing to us with Club Passport card in hand, which brings me to my first step.

If you don’t have a Club Passport card already, you’ll need to sign up for one. It’s free to do and can be done at any Players Club desk located inside the casino. Once your card has been issued, you’ll need to be diligent about inserting it into every electronic game you play so we can track the amount you have spent. When you have reached a certain level of play, one of our lovely Casino Hosts will contact you, so make sure the contact information on your card is up-to-date.

We’ve had many people ask how you get a Casino Host and this is exactly how to go about it. Our Casino Host team is constantly searching for new VIPs. Once you’ve reached VIP standing, you’ll be assigned your own personal host that is on call 24/7 to accommodate your every need. If you’re planning a trip to come see us, call your Casino Host and tell him or her which dates you would like to visit. They will take the reins from there—arranging your room, concert tickets and meals—so you have nothing to worry about during your trip.

Additionally, as a VIP, you have the ability to request complementary tickets for concerts which may include a Meet and Greet with the artist as well. You also have access for room upgrades that aren’t available to the public—hello, corner suite! The advantages don’t stop there. During the course of one year, we host at least 35 VIP events! These lavish events include food, drinks, live entertainment and prize giveaways. Our most recent VIP event was Romance and Rims that took place on Valentine’s Day. Patrons who received a personal invitation were able to earn entries January 4 through February 14. On the day of the finale, patrons had to activate their entries one hour prior to the beginning of the event in order to have their name entered into the drawing for the prizes. At 5:00 p.m., our VIPs eagerly filed into our nightclub, Mist, in hopes of winning either a 2015 black Mercedes-Benz, a 2015 red Mercedes-Benz, or a trip to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas! We had three extremely happy VIPs at the end of this finale. Prizes like these are not unusual. In past VIP events, we have given away: a Range Rover, flat screen televisions, tens of thousands of dollars in cash, several X-Box Ones, Louis Vuitton luggage, all-expense paid vacations and many other impressive prizes.