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New Year, New Blog

New Year, New Blog

Hello, friends! Allow me to introduce myself- My name is Jillian Fitzgerald, but you can call me Jill or you can get creative (I’ll entertain your ideas). I will be blogging each Monday about anything and everything WinStar. I’m so very excited to be writing each week, and I hope you follow along to find out what all is in store for you!
Since it’s the beginning of a New Year, I think it makes perfect sense to recap how 2013 ended and how 2014 began here at WinStar. Typically, I spend New Year’s Eve at a friend’s house, so being in the casino was definitely a new experience! The energy was mountain high and everyone was full to the brim with excitement, which together made the perfect atmosphere for ringing in the New Year. My first stop was the Adam Lambert concert. I, personally, haven’t followed him much after he was on American Idol, but there was so much hype about his concert on Twitter that I began to have really high expectations. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed! That guy can sure put on a show. I think I lost some of my hearing while I was there, but it was worth it. On a side note, he has some of the most loyal, vivacious fans I’ve ever come across! They helped make the show extra awesome.

My next stop was Mist. While I took pictures and surveyed the crowd, it was impossible not to notice that everyone was having a blast. Whether it was busting moves on the dance floor, excitingly chatting with friends about Adam Lambert or seeing how many glow sticks you could wear at once, it was evident this was a night to remember. The countdown came and went, and the craziness continued long into the night! It was one rocking way to ring in the New Year.

That concludes 2013, now on to 2014!

I think everyone was moving a little bit slower on New Year’s Day, but not me! Train was coming to perform, and I could hardly contain myself. Since you just met me, I’ll let it slide that you don’t know I’m a pretty huge fan of theirs. To sum up their amazing show: they came, they played and they conquered. I think it’s more than safe to say that this New Year was unquestionably a complete success.

You can find more pictures of my New Year’s adventure on our Facebook page. Stay tuned until next week when I will be talking about The Red Dirt Series. I’m a huge country fan, so it will be very hard to wait a whole 7 days to talk about this! I’ll try to contain my excitement. Have a fantastic week, everyone!