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New Coin-to-Point system is a win-win for Club Passport members!

New Coin-to-Point system is a win-win for Club Passport members!

The only thing more fun than playing to win is playing to win MORE! As a Club Passport member, you’ve probably been having a blast playing our electronic gaming machines, while simultaneously earning points to redeem for excellent dining, shopping and entertainment opportunities.

We’re very proud to announce that we’ve just rolled out our new coin-to-point system making it easier than ever to calculate your points and incentive cash earned during play. For every $10 you play on most machines, you’ll earn one reward point. (Exceptions include video poker and VGT machines. You’ll earn one reward point for every $30 you play on these games. These machines will be denoted with a placard.) Your reward points can be redeemed at WinStar Golf Course, one of our many fine restaurants and gift shops, or can be downloaded to your favorite electronic gaming machines.

Because we value you as a loyal patron, we’ve also created a promotion to award you with bonus points when you sign up new members to the Club Passport program. When you sign up a new member, we’ll match point for point what they earn on their first trip, and deposit it into your account.* For example, if they earn 20 points on their first trip, you’ll get 20 additional points!

So look through contacts, find the luckiest person you know, and invite them to WinStar with you. It’s a win-win situation for you both!

If you’re reading this and you don’t have your Club Passport Card, what are you waiting for? Our new member promotion gives you $25 in Bonus play when you play $50 as a new member. Plus, once you have a card, you can start earning bonus points by signing up new members.

*Must be an existing Club Passport member on date of new member sign up.