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Meet Flair Bartender Joe Minjares

If you’ve ever partied with us at Weekends After Dark, surely you came across flair bartender Joe Minjares (he’s hard to miss). All of us juggle a lot of responsibilities while we’re working, but Joe actually juggles … except instead of juggling responsibilities and tasks, he juggles bottles and cups for your bar entertainment.

If you’ve never seen a flair bartender at work, you’re missing out on quite a show. Joe can blow fire and juggle bottles…all while making drinks for our Weekends After Dark guests.

Joe started learning flair tricks after meeting a flair bartender while working as a bar back. Joe’s teacher took him under his wing and they would spend hours learning to juggle and perfecting his craft. “It takes a lot of practice. It took me 2-3 years to get the juggling to where it is now.” In his eight years of bartending, Joe has even won a few flair bartending competitions, which can only be done with plenty of practice.

As for dropping bottles and drinks while tossing them in the air, Joe says that just comes with the territory. “Ask any flair bartender: if you’re not dropping, you’re not flairing.”

Joe’s advice to aspiring flair bartenders: acknowledge everybody, learn how to multitask, make sure your drinks are on-point and practice, practice, practice.

Keep an eye out for Joe’s flair moves every Friday and Saturday night during Weekends After Dark at the resort pool. He’ll be easy to locate, but you might find he’s drawn a crowd to the bar. While you’re there, order Joe’s favorite drink to make, a Georgia peach tea.

Weekends After Dark is open to hotel guests 21 and over every Friday and Saturday night, 9:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. through September 6. We hope to see you here!