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Join the Action With Tagboard

Whether you’re here to jam with your favorite band (we see you, Alabama fans!) or belt it out with your favorite crooner (hello, Leon Bridges!) our concerts never disappoint. The Global Event Center is hands down the best place to see a show!

We’ve loved seeing you live-tweet before and during every show with #WinStarLive. Your selfies, marriage proposals to the performers and witty comments never let us down when they appear on the Tagboard.

We’ve included a few of our favorite #WinStarLive tweets below.

“Get Ready” to see some of the best #WinStarLive tweets, starting with this one from The Temptations show in November.

We love her too, @MrDJSmoothB, we really do.

These ladies look awesome!

Bob Dylan is the man. We’re so glad you finally got to see him!

We love seeing the #WinStarLive tagboard come alive!

WOW! What a great throwback.

35 years later and Tom Jones is still breaking hearts!

We totally agree and hope it was your best birthday yet!

Looks like this one worked out for you!

With a little more practice, you’ll be good enough to join the band up on stage next time!

Indeed, she did kill it.

We’re ready for you to come back now, that’s for sure!

We’re sure you were the best chaperone, Reid!

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to participate in our Tagboard! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for it during your next WinStar Global Event Center experience and tweet using #WinStarLive to see your tweet on the big screen!