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The World’s Game Show: Christmas Extravaganza!

The World’s Game Show: Christmas Extravaganza!

We had a spectacular weekend here at WinStar! Want to know why? The World’s Game Show: Christmas Cash and Prizes Extravaganza, of course! I love this event because it truly is a very exciting time for us and our guests. In case you missed it, I’m here to fill you in!

I would like to start off with the production crews’ amazing job at decorating the stage. Immediately upon entering the Global Event Center, you were transported from the current overcast, humid weather to a Christmas wonderland. It was a sight to see and it put everyone in the Christmas spirit.

As usual, the show started off with a bang. The opening act was comedian and magician, Fielding West, and his bird, Bob. That’s right, a bird. The pair did a few amazing and seemingly impossible tricks, like shooting Bob out of a cannon- don’t worry, he wasn’t harmed! There are pictures to prove it! The crowd leapt to their feet in applause as West completed his final mind-boggling act and host, David Magee, took the stage. That’s when the winning started!

A total of 25 people were randomly selected and called on stage to participate in games on both Saturday and Sunday. Those lucky people were able to take part in games that included: Match Play, The Great WinStar Mystery, Risk and Reward and Stack the Deck. One of the best parts of The World’s Game Show is that everyone who is called on stage always leaves with something! Whether it was winning cash, Bonus Play, a trip or even a car- everyone left with something. We would like to send a special congratulations to all the winners!

We are so thankful to David Magee and his crew for putting on a fantastic show each time they’re here. For pictures of this event, please visit our Facebook page. We hope to see you for the next game show in March! Can you guess what the theme will be?