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Whitney’s Fall Bucket List

Whitney’s Fall Bucket List

It’s fall, y’all! Last time I blogged, the heat of the summer was still going strong, but the weather is finally cooling off and I love it. (If you live in central Texas, you really do consider mid-80s cool.)

Today, I am sharing my 2017 fall bucket list! It’s not too long, but it is jam-packed with all of my favorite fall activities. Plus, I’ve included a few once-in-a-lifetime kinds of things, so obviously I can’t pass those up. So, without further ado, my fall bucket list:

  1. Go Apple Picking — I can’t wait to go apple picking this fall! It’s a tradition that my sister and I do every fall and it has to be number one on the list. It’s such a sweet feeling to walk through the rows of the trees together each year.
  2. See Nick Offerman Live — There is so much live entertainment at WinStar this fall, but I am over-the-moon excited to see Nick Offerman at the Global Event Center this month. You might remember from my Galentine’s Day post, I am a big Parks & Rec fan, so this is truly a dream come true.
  3. Visit a Pumpkin Village —Tripp (my wonderful boyfriend who I met at the World Long Drive) is excited to visit the pumpkin patch and pumpkin village at the Dallas Arboretum this fall. He’s never been before, so I’m thrilled that I can take him to experience the autumn wonderland!
  4. Go to a Cowboys Game — Living in Dallas, it’s hard to imagine fall without Cowboys games. I’ve never been to a game before (don’t worry, I’ve been to plenty of watch parties) so I know this is the year.
  5. Learn to Play Poker — I’ve never been a big gamer or poker player. Tripp is a poker player though, and I hear he is pretty good at it. Learning at least one poker game would be fun and I can’t wait to beat him at his own game. If you have any poker tips, please send them my way!
  6. Get a Head Start on Holiday Shopping — Potentially the most daunting item on my list, I need to get a head start on Christmas shopping this fall. I am such a last-minute planner, so this is a must-do. My mom had her eyes on a couple of purses at Le Fleur Boutique at WinStar. Thankfully, that’s one person I can buy for this fall!

I know it’s not very long, but it’s all about quality over quantity, right? I would love to hear about your fall plans and any tips you have to help me plan! Share with me on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.


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