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Whitney Goes to the World Long Drive Championship

Whitney Goes to the World Long Drive Championship

One of my close guy friends invited a group to go up to WinStar last week for the Volvik World Long Drive Championship. I had no idea what it was, but I knew the weather would be amazing and it would be a fun getaway with friends, so we went!

It was like nothing I’ve ever seen. The course was essentially a crazy-long driving range painted like a grid and lit up with stadium lights. The competitors swung their drivers at more than 150 mph down the course. Justin James won the men’s competition and Sandra Carlborg won the women’s. Sandra was the cutest – she wore all pink and looked like Golfer Barbie. Plus, she smoked some of the guys’ drives! The championships were televised on Golf Channel, too! There were so many people there and the atmosphere was exhilarating! It was all so cool and very out of my element, but it was a great experience.

We were there for the women’s and the men’s competitions on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, so we stayed at WinStar Hotel. Plus, all my friends and I played at the WinStar Golf Course on Wednesday morning. I’m not good ­–at all– but the clothes are cute and I’m trying to challenge myself by learning new things.

I know the lights, 400+ yard drives and fancy championship belt are all enticing, but you haven’t heard the best part… I met a guy. It seems silly to share it with you here, but I’ll probably be writing about him in future posts, so hang with me!

When we went golfing on Wednesday, we saw one of the men’s championship competitors with a very cute friend. They came over and started chatting with us. The friend, Tripp, also lives in Dallas and is a pretty decent golfer himself. Tripp started giving me a few pointers while we were on the course and he ended up hanging with us all night at the championship. We had so much fun together watching the event and eating delicious food from the food trucks; we even got to enjoy an amazing concert by country music star Colt Ford. That evening, he asked me to go out with him the next night in Dallas and we’ve gone on a date every night since! It seems quick and a little crazy to be putting this on the Internet, but y’all, I am smitten. He’s different than me in the best ways and I am loving every minute we’ve spent together.

So, that’s that. I went to the World Long Drive with a few friends for a break from a hectic couple of weeks at work, and I left with tons of knowledge about the coolest sport I had never heard about and a date!


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