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Tips to Make You Feel Like A Poker Pro

Tips to Make You Feel Like A Poker Pro

Interested in learning to play poker? It’s never too late to learn. Make it a resolution this year to brush up on your poker skills and play a few games at WinStar’s new poker room. Jay Wiles, WinStar’s poker room manager, provided his top tips to help you get going as you learn how to play Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha.


There are endless options for people that want to learn how to play or improve their poker skills. You can read books, watch poker on TV, download apps to play on your mobile devices or play at home with friends. Poker is one of the few casino games that skill level can improve over time through education. Exposure to the game is everything!


None of these learning methods can compare with the experience of playing in a professional poker room with professional dealers and strangers. That’s where it all comes together, and that’s why poker captures people’s imagination. It’s exhilarating!


WinStar’s poker staff is experienced and diverse. Most employees in the poker room have seven or more years of experience and 12 different languages are represented among the staff. Typically, there are different games of the same game type and buy-in, so if you don’t like one game, there’s almost always another to move to. If you feel comfortable and confident, you’ll enjoy it more and be able to put your new knowledge to work.


Once you’re in the swing of things, stay and play to hone your skills. The poker room now offers players individual charging stations for your phone, table-side food and beverage services and daily poker tournaments.

The poker room also has nine recently added poker tables, bringing the total number to 55 poker tables — the largest number of tables in one location in Oklahoma. Jay told us, “It’s beautiful and new and shiny, but what makes it special is the combination of the people that work here and the number of games we have running.” Start learning today and make your way to the new poker room and test your new skills!