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Q&A with WinStar Golf Instructor Bill Knodle

Recently, we sat down with Bill Knodle, one of the fabulous golf instructors at WinStar Golf Academy, to ask him a few questions. Knodle has been a member of the WinStar Golf team since 2012, but before he settled here, he played professionally on the Golden Bear tour, Grey Goose Gateway Tour and the South Florida Golf Tour. He has worked at such prestigious clubs as PGA National Resort and Spa and the Floridian Golf Club.

With Knodle’s experience on the course and as a golf instructor, we are excited to have him as an instructor right here at WinStar Golf.

How long have you worked in the golf industry? How long have you worked at WinStar?

I have worked in the golf industry for 16 years, and I have been an instructor at WinStar Golf Academy for 4 years.

What makes WinStar Golf Academy unique?

WinStar Golf Academy is unique because it blends the benefits of having an all-weather, climate-controlled facility with the opportunity to use the latest state-of-the-art technology to help people improve their golf game. You will not find many facilities like it anywhere in the world.

What are your top three recommendations for things to do at WinStar Golf Academy?

My first recommendation would be to schedule a playing lesson on the golf course so I can see where exactly your strengths and weaknesses are and we can get to work on quick improvement. Second would be to experience a G.E.A.R.S. session. It’s basically an MRI for your golf swing. The technology is so good that we can see what is happening with the golfer’s body movement as well as the golf club. Third, take a putting lesson with Instructor Gary Nutt. I did. Everyone should if they want to learn how to be a good putter.

What is your favorite thing about WinStar Golf Club?

My favorite thing about WinStar Golf Club would have to be the greens. Our course superintendent and his staff do an amazing job of keeping our greens in phenomenal shape. They’re comparable with the best clubs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Do you work with golfers of all skill levels?

I work with golfers of all skill levels from beginner, junior golfers to tour players and anyone in between. Whether it’s seeing a big smile on a beginner’s face when you help them get a ball airborne for the first time or knowing that you had a hand in helping a tour pro get his Champions Tour card, helping people improve and enjoy the game more is the best thing about my job.

What is your specialty?

I teach all aspects of the game but my specialty is teaching the full swing. I teach a very simple, efficient way to swing the golf club that’s pretty easy to learn and produces consistent results.

In your opinion, what do most golfers do incorrectly?

Most golfers set up to the golf ball incorrectly and consequently it doesn’t allow them to swing the club properly.

Any tips for all our avid and aspiring golfers out there?

One quick tip that I would give: don’t take the game too seriously. After all, it’s just a game and most people aren’t making a living at it.

Who’s your favorite pro?

Since the early eighties, I have always been a big fan of Freddy Couples. He’s the epitome of cool! He could be playing a casual round with buddies or be in contention in a major and you really couldn’t tell the difference. He just always looks like he’s having the time of his life out there.

Who are your top three picks to win the Masters?

My top three to win the Masters: Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy and you can never leave out Bubba Watson (I’m rooting for Jordan though).

There you have it, folks! To schedule an appointment with Bill to improve your golf swing, visit us online or give WinStar Golf Academy a call at 866-466-1482.