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Move Over, Happy Gilmore, Long Drivers of America are Coming

This fall, our world-class golf facility, WinStar Golf Resort, will host one of 2015’s most exciting events in power golf, The World Long Drive Championship (WLDC).

If you’re unfamiliar with Long Drivers of America, here are some details that will help you get acquainted. Art Sellinger founded the company in 1995, and they’re best known for staging the WLDC. During this event, they bring together the top power golfers from around the globe to see who can hit the longest drive and take home the WLDC belt.

This year, the 40th WLDC semifinals and championship finals will take place right here at WinStar Golf Resort. The semifinals kick off Tuesday, October 20, and the championship finals will take place Wednesday, October 21.

We’re willing to guess that you’ve never seen golfers like these. We’re talking about 150 mph swing speeds and ball speeds of 220 mph. The current record holder for the longest drive in WLDC history is Tim Burke, with an amazing 427 yards in 2013. To put things in perspective, the average drive on the PGA Tour this year is 289.3 yards.

Seven champions will be crowned at the 2015 WLDC, with categories including: open men and women’s, senior men’s (45+), super senior men’s (50+), grand champions men’s (55+), legends men’s (60+) and masters men’s (65+).

You’ll be able to watch both the semifinals and the championship finals in prime time on the Golf Channel, October 20 and 21, from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

If you want to catch the action in person, keep an eye on our Facebook page for your opportunity to claim a free pass for you and a guest to attend the event. Our Facebook offer will go live September 8, and includes a pass and gift for one, plus a guest. These passes will not guarantee a seat, so attendees are encouraged to arrive early to grab a seat and prepare for an evening of amazing long drives.