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I’m Not Bluffing.  Poker Is One Cool Game.

I’m Not Bluffing. Poker Is One Cool Game.

Hello there! This past week has flown by, which has made me happy because I get to write to you all again. This is the last week in February! It feels like just yesterday we were ringing in the New year. A few blogs back I had asked someone to invent a time machine to slow time down. How are we doing on that?

This week, I would like to talk about Poker. Last week we completed our President’s Day Mini River Poker Tournament, and it was a huge success. It is because it was such a huge success that I want to spotlight our Poker Room and all it has to offer. I also want to touch on some fun facts about the game, so maybe you will be intrigued to come play during the next tournament!

Our luxurious, smoke-free, 19,000 square-foot Poker Room has 46 tables. It was formally the Bingo Hall, but was made into the Poker Room in 2006. The games played in that room are: No Limit Hold’ Em, Limit Hold’ Em and Omaha with a high limit area. We host weekly tournaments as well as special event tournaments throughout the year. If you work up an appetite while playing, there is even a restaurant in the room open 24 hours, Red River Grill Café. Great games and awesome food? Count me in!

Now on to some interesting facts!

• Approximately 70 million Americans indulge in this game per year.

• The first game ever played was between Christopher Columbus and his men in 1429.

• Each country has its own version of poker. If you like to play and you’re a traveler, plan to learn about 130 variations of the game.

• Poker is one of the top favorite sports and games on TV. It comes third after football and car racing.

• According to legends, one surefire way to win is to wear dirty clothes while you gamble (we won’t be too upset if you choose not to follow this legend!).

Poker is easily one of the most popular and diverse games we offer here. It’s a great way to spend time with friends, enjoy some fun competition and potentially win a lot of money. Your homework: find a mirror, practice your Poker face, and find a seat at one of our 46 tables for one of our upcoming tournaments. How does that sound? Thank you all for reading another blog of mine! As always, it’s an honor to be writing for y’all. Until next time, folks!