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How To Play Craps

How To Play Craps

WinStar World Casino and Resort is home to thousands of games, but craps is truly one of the most exciting! Once you learn a few tips and tricks and understand the many different ways to bet, it is sure to be your new favorite game.

As you play, you’ll make wagers on the outcome of the roll or a series of rolls. Accordingly, it can get pretty heated so it’s common to hear people hollering and shouting from the craps tables!

Here’s the 411

Our version of this classic game is card based, but it stays true to the exact odds of the game. There are 36 possible rolls on a pair of six-sided dice; we use a deck of 36 cards, which are shuffled every roll. Each card represents 1 of those 36 possible outcomes. Every card has a barcode, which activates a scanner.

After all 36 cards are shuffled, the boxperson (this person is essentially the game supervisor) will be dealt three cards face down on the table and will always select the middle card. That card will be scanned and the corresponding roll will appear on the large monitor mounted above the game. All cards are then returned to the shuffler and the next roll is dealt.

There are a variety of wagers that can be made on each throw – some wagers can stay on the table for the entire round, some wagers span rounds and some are only viable for a single throw. Our dealers are happy to help you understand all the different wagers and grow your knowledge of this exciting game!

Don’t you need dice?

Every possible combination is included exactly as if there were two dice being rolled. The card itself determines the outcome of every roll, and the odds remain absolutely true to the game. The only difference between our craps tables and the ones with dice is that on our game, the Boxperson will always be the shooter.

Let’s play!

Many people consider craps to be a difficult game to play. However, once you have a basic understanding of how to bet and have more familiarity with the rules, it’s quite easy to follow. Come by the craps table. Our dealers are here to help you and soon you’ll be playing card-based craps like a pro!