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The Most Difficult Person on Your Shopping List

The Most Difficult Person on Your Shopping List

We’re less than a week away from Christmas and the pressure is on! There is so much to do before all the Christmas parties, family gatherings and holiday traditions begin. If you’re reading this and stressing out at the thought of fighting the crowds at the mall this shopping season, you are not alone. We have a gift for everyone on your list right here at WinStar in our retail shops. To get you started, we’ve put together a list of gift ideas for the most difficult people on your shopping list.


The Athletic Nephew

Shopping for an active, athletic guy can be difficult. Give your nephew an experience that he will remember for the rest of the year! GEARS at WinStar Golf is the perfect gift for golfers. GEARS is a state-of-the-art technology for swing analysis and instruction. The WinStar Golf Academy is offering a holiday special for $199 (a $100 savings!) that includes a 30-minute session of GEARS, 30 minutes of instruction, a t-shirt and a certificate for a free round of golf to be used at a later date.


The Fashionista

Almost everyone has a fashionista on their list, and every year there is so much pressure to find a gift they won’t want to return. Le Fleur Boutique has beautiful handbags from Michael Kors, Gucci, Kate Spade and other designer brands your fashionista will love! If you’re looking for stocking stuffers, head to The Isle to pick up a few Rustic Cuff bracelets in her favorite colors.


The Grill Master

The grill master is the guy who has got it all, and finding something he doesn’t already have is tougher than the steak at your last BBQ. Help him get prepared for next summer with a YETI cooler, a new Tommy Bahama shirt from The Isle, some comfortable Sanuk footwear or a Life is Good T-shirt from Essentials Gift Shop.


The Foodie

Three words: Bedré Fine Chocolate. The foodie in your life already has all the newest kitchen gadgets and every cookbook released in the last year, but they will always be excited about chocolate. Bedré is made right here in Oklahoma and is a gift that they will always remember. Bedré Chocolates are sold in Le Fleur Boutique. When you’re there, you should go ahead and buy some for yourself, too! It’s that good.


The Artsy Aunt

The gifts she gives you can be slightly zany, but you can surprise her this year with a gift that is perfect. Essentials Gift Shop has an incredible collection of art and handcrafted jewelry made by renowned Chickasaw artists. She will love and appreciate this beautiful artwork!

We aren’t kidding when we say the holiday season is one of the best times to visit WinStar. Not only are the decorations beautiful and the shows here amazing, but also every retail store is full of gifts that make your Christmas shopping a breeze. Skip the mall and shop at WinStar this December! We’d love to hear about your favorite gift ideas at WinStar. You can connect with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram (@WinStar_World)!