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Chinese New Year: Year of the Sheep

We have had an awesome year so far, don’t you agree? From amazing entertainment to huge promotions, 2015 has been incredible, and it’s only going to keep getting better. If you’ve paid us a visit in the last week or so, you may have noticed the red lanterns hanging from the ceiling. We’re celebrating the Chinese New Year- in the utmost fashion, of course.

I’d like to start with a sharing a little history about the Chinese New Year. This year is the Year of the Sheep, and it will officially be celebrated on Thursday, February 19. The party starts on New Year’s Eve with decorating everything in red, it is considered the luckiest color of them all. You will find red lanterns in the streets, red couplets hanging on the doors of homes, red envelopes with gifts inside, and pictures depicting prosperity are painted in red on buildings. Another New Year’s Eve tradition is families gathering for a Reunion Dinner. A full week of activities follows. The grandest of them all is the Spring Festival, which includes firecrackers, dragon dances and ancestor worship. It’s not all fun and games, though. There are serious superstitions people follow so they don’t have an unlucky year. Not asking for a loan and not cleaning within the first three days of the New Year are among the list. I can certainly get behind that!

Our celebrations start on Sunday, February 15. We will be hosting Asian Night in the Global Event Center at 8:00 p.m. The name of this show is Dam Cuoi Dau Xuan (translation: New Year’s Wedding). You’ll want to get to your seats early, so you don’t miss out on the Lion Dance taking place at approximately 6:00 p.m. These giant, colorful creatures are certainly a sight to see. You’ll feel as if you were in the midst of the Spring Festival itself!  These Asian Night shows are put together beautifully, and they’re both captivating and wonderfully entertaining.

On Thursday, February 19 (the official start of the Chinese New Year), we will be hosting a VIP Chinese New Year Mixer.

We are so excited for what next week has in store. If you’re able to join us, share your pictures with us on Instagram at @WinStar_World and Twitter at @WinStarWorld. Until next time!