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Gourmet Asian at a great price.

With Panda Express at WinStar World Casino and Resort, you never have to choose between fresh, tasty and convenient. Panda Express never compromises quality when serving up savory dishes inspired by traditional Asian-American cuisine.

Orange Chicken, the restaurant’s top pick, is exploding with savory yet sweet flavors. Other main entrées include the healthful String Bean Chicken Breast and the spicy SweetFire Chicken Breast. Along with the main dish, Panda Express offers four fantastic side options including steamed rice, fried rice, chow mein and mixed vegetables. This restaurant and the dishes it offers are sure to satisfy any craving for the signature sweet, salty, tangy flavors of the Far East.

Let the expert staff and chefs at Panda Express curate your next meal. Swing by the Cairo Gaming Plaza and load up on all your favorites.

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