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The World’s Game Show!

The World’s Game Show!

Recently, I was lucky enough to witness a very spectacular show. It was one full of excitement, impressive magic routines, and a lot of big winners. Do you know what I’m talking about yet? The World’s Game Show, of course! This was our twelfth game show to host, and it continues to get bigger and better each time. At 4 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday, hundreds of loyal patrons packed the Global Event Center excitedly waiting for the Mardi Grad Jamboree Finale to begin.

I will get to the games soon, but first I want to highlight the amazing talent we were privileged enough to have work with us for this show. Our first performer was world renowned Juggler, Paul Ponce. I’m not using the term “world renowned’ lightly here. In 2005, Paul performed in Germany for World Youth Day for over 700,000 people. Did I mention the Pope was in attendance for this? As if that isn’t huge enough, in 2010, he performed at the Vatican, again for World Youth Day. To say we were honored for him to perform for us would be quite the understatement.

Up next is Gary Lee Love who is the emcee for the show. His list of expertise is impressively long. He has over forty years of experience in voice-overs, television and commercial production, and radio. In 1993, he won the CMA Radio Personality of the Year Award and has been nominated a total of five times. Is there anything this man can’t do? I don’t think so!

We then have Mr. Johnny Thompson! This man has been doing magical things since the age of eight and became a professional magician at age twelve! He is a magic consultant for Penn and Teller and has worked with notable acts such as Criss Angel, Lance Burton and David Blaine. He’s so fantastic that in 1999 he was awarded the highest honor a magician can achieve, a Masters Fellowship with the Academy of Magical Arts.

Last but certainly not least, is our host, David Magee! Mr. Magee has been dubbed “The Entertainer’s Entertainer” by MLB legend Nolan Ryan, and he was right on point with that nickname. David was the host of the show, the cause of all the laughter in the room, and the bearer of good news to those on stage. He truly brought the show to life.

Now on to the games! We awarded a share of $250,000 in cash and prizes! My favorite game was Play it Safe, which I liked because there was a 50/50 chance you could win $10,000. What’s even better is that two people were already instant winners (meaning both their safes had $10,000 in it), but they wouldn’t find that out until going through the nerve-racking process of choosing which safe to unlock. The crowd participated in this game as well, which brought more excitement to the already entertaining show. Other excitement included awarding two trips to New Orleans, two Polaris Rangers and two Ford Focuses!

I think it’s safe to say that this was an immensely successful two days for those involved. To top it off, the talent on this show was undeniably outstanding, and I am glad that our patrons were able to witness it. Congratulations to everyone who won, and to those who didn’t, I wish you the best of luck next time around. If you would like to look at The World’s Game Show pictures, please check our Facebook Page. That is it for now, folks! I appreciate you reading and hope you come by next week for more WinStar news!