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Whitney’s Guide to March Madness

Whitney’s Guide to March Madness

Being a college basketball fan is not for the faint of heart! These games are serious business and I am all in. The last few days, I have been glued to my phone checking my bracket and catching up on scores. I know all my friends reading this post are thinking, “Since when does Whit care about college sports?”

Honestly, it’s a recent obsession, as in just last week when the other Realtors at my office forced me to play along and make a bracket for the tournament. But hear me out on this – it’s so much fun. I have never been a sports-obsessed kind of girl. Embarrassingly, I picked a few of the games on my bracket based on which team had the best colors, but watching the games with friends and learning more about basketball has been surprisingly exciting. The statistics and research my friends know about different teams is impressive.

I’m planning to head up to WinStar this weekend to watch some of the Sweet 16 games at Palladium with friends. We walked through during our girls trip last month and it looks like the perfect place to watch the games and catch up with friends. Plus, I know there’s great shopping and food once the buzzer sounds for halftime. I’m can’t wait to take it all in at WinStar!

I’d love to hear how you’re getting into the madness, and who you picked to win it all! Share with me by tweeting and posting with #WinStarWorldCasino.


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