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Spring Breakin’

Spring Breakin’

Hello, friends! I hope you are all doing wonderful. We’re twelve days into March, and I am staying hopeful that all of our snow days are behind us! I am particularly excited about this blog because I will be covering an event that we all look forward to–spring break! Now, I know some of you are thinking that spring break only applies to a certain group of people, such as teachers and students. While this is true, for some of us spring break can be taking one day off from work or spending a weekend treating ourselves to something a little out of the ordinary. No matter what length of time you have off, I have created the perfect way to spend your break at WinStar!

Your next stop is to do some shopping! Our gift shops, much like our restaurants, offer a wide variety of everything. Want chocolate? Done. Scarves? Done. Name-brand watches? Done. Designer jeans? Done. Are you catching my drift? The possibilities here are endless! Bonus: there are usually specials going on in Le Fleur Boutique.

Now on to your next stop, which I must say, is one of my favorites: golf! I am not the professional golfer I would like to be, so most of my time will be spent at the Golf Academy. That place is mind-blowing! It has an outdoor golfing range, a practice studio, a fitness room and a PGA Tour simulation studio. We also have our 27-hole golf course, which was just nominated as the best golf course in Chickasaw Country! If you have a full week to spend with us, this activity is easily one you can spread across a couple of days

After all that golfing it only makes sense that your next stop is our Spa Habitat. Services range from foot rubs to facials to Swedish massages. I can already feel the relaxation! You may just want to make multiple stops here.

Now, on to the night life. If you happen to be here on a Friday or Saturday night, we have our club, Mist, that opens at 9 p.m. If you enjoy good music, dancing and meeting new people, this is the spot. All dance moves are accepted, so bring them on! Bonus: ladies always get in free!

I can’t end this blog without mentioning the 7,000 electronic games, 76 table games and 46 Poker tables we have. There are Bingo sessions on the weekends and we also have Casino 360 where you can live tweet with us every night using the hashtag, #Casino360. Honestly, these games alone could keep you busy for days!

Well, there you have it! This is how I would spend my spring break at WinStar. You can, of course, do these activities in any order you would like. We have a ton of amenities to take advantage of here, and I am sure looking forward to spending my week completing them all. I hope you all can do the same and share your experiences with me on our Facebook page. Until next time, folks!

Toby Keith’s has closed and will not be reopening.