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New Year’s Eve at WinStar!

New Year’s Eve at WinStar!

Thrilling. Joyful. Celebrations. These are all words that perfectly describe how our New Year’s Eve went down. From concerts to games and parties, it was one for the books! In case you missed it, I will happily relive it for you.

In the early evening hours, people started to file into the casino. Some were going straight for games or food, while others made it to the Box Office to pick up their John Legend tickets. The box office, of course, is where I headed as well. The line leading into the Global Event Center was full of enthusiastic fans chatting about their favorite Legend songs and crossing their fingers that he would play them. At 8:00 p.m., the Grammy Award-winning singer took the stage and the room burst into applause. He created magic on and off the piano- singing his greatest hits including “All of Me” and “You & I.” Watching him in concert was the perfect ending to 2014.

When Legend’s show concluded, I made a bee line for our night club, Mist. Upon entering, it felt like I had been transported from a casino in Oklahoma to a big city nightclub. The music could not have been better and the people were in full on party mode! As I made my way through the crowd, I could feel the eagerness building up for the countdown. People were cheering, high fiving, enjoying some bubbly and I’m almost certain I saw a few dance battles. The countdown soon appeared on the screen and when it dwindled down to the 10 second mark, everyone joined in on the counting. When midnight hit, the club went wild. It was definitely a sight to see!

My last stop was at the Palladium Lounge. The fan-favorite band, Time Machine, was performing there. They are always a bundle of energy, not to mention talent. As expected, the lounge was eventful as people were dancing, singing and making toasts to the New Year. People were in great spirits and it undoubtedly brought a positive outlook about 2015.

Thank you to all of those who came and celebrated the New Year with us- it certainly would not have been the same without you. We hope that 2015 brings a lot of luck and happiness for you all!