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Replacement Tax Forms

Official tax documents (W-2G, 1042-S, or 1099) are issued for individual jackpots and other gaming winnings over a certain amount; you should be given a copy of these forms at the time the winnings are awarded. This is not the same as an annual win/loss statement. If you need to request a win/loss statement, click here.

To safely and securely request replacement tax forms from the last five years, please complete the time-saving form* below. Your documents will be sent to you electronically within 3-5 business days via the email address provided.

If you prefer to submit your request or receive your documents manually by mail or fax, please click here to download a PDF request form. Note that if you need information from more than five years ago, you will also be required to submit your request manually. Please note that this method will take additional time to process.

*Automated form not compatible with Internet Explorer.