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Fiery flavor from Mongolian cuisine.

Khan’s Fire Fresh Kitchen is an adventurous foray into culinary delights from the Far East–with flavors that pack a punch. Nothing beats the simple pleasures of taking a bite into a dish prepared just for you–which is what the chefs at Khan’s will do for you every time.

A novel experience awaits in this open kitchen concept where your meal is cooked on a huge round grill in front of your very eyes. The chefs at Khan’s make sure everything is prepped the way it needs to be for your complete satisfaction. Some favorites from Khan’s include a seafood combo bowl, which comes with a side of two different types of rice and noodles. However, if this Mongolian fusion food doesn’t tickle your fancy, never fear, because the experts at Khan’s can also whip up some grilled American favorites.

Whenever you’re trying to satisfy a craving of something unique, flavorful and healthy, consider a meal at Khan’s Fire Fresh Kitchen. The fire is always hot.

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