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Meet the staff: Amber Hoyle

Meet the staff: Amber Hoyle

We have some amazing employees here at WinStar with secret talents! One of those folks is a gal named Amber Hoyle, a drink server shift supervisor here at the casino.

Born in Irving, Texas, Amber is no stranger to the area. As a single mother of two beautiful girls, Amber likes to spend her free time baking, and she’s come up with some beautiful creations!

How long have you been baking? 

AH: I guess I started watching and learning when I was about eight years old. I remember sitting on the cabinets in the kitchen and taking in everything my mother or grandmother would do…I’m almost 36, so more than 26 years.

Why cakes? 

AH: Cakes are just a small part of what I love to do in the kitchen. I think I have worked on more baking and cakes recently due to all of the wonderful employees at WinStar asking for them, otherwise I actually cook more than I bake.

How do you come up with new ideas?

AH: I pull ideas from everywhere. I also encourage those ordering cake to be as adventurous as possible. We are only limited by our imagination and when it comes to cake, childlike enthusiasm and crazy combinations just make the celebration brighter…and tastier too!

What’s your favorite cake you’ve ever made? 

AH: The first cake that I made that did not fall apart!

Yeah, but we bet even the ones that fell apart were pretty tasty, too.

Serious question: Cakes or Cupcakes?

AH: Cake is cake is cake…therefore, it is all cake!

Hmm – good point. We never thought about it like that before…

How did you make the transition from regular ol’ baking to making more elaborate desserts?

AH: I haven’t even considered what I do as elaborate, it is just fun. I mean… have you ever played with fondant? It is adult Play-Doh, who wouldn’t want to?!

What do you love about baking? 

AH: The messes I get to make…. and getting to see those messes turn into something that makes people smile.

What’s the most unusual request you’ve ever had? 

AH: I made a poo emoji cake for another WinStar employee for winning the Oklahoma Gaming Chairman award. That was by far the best and funniest cake I’ve made to date. 

As they say, “Let them eat cake.” No, really…all this talk of cake has us wishing for one of Amber’s lovely confections. Think she’ll make us a poker table cake?

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