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Meet the Staff: James Dietz

Meet the Staff: James Dietz

With thousands of visitors each week, it takes an impressive team to keep WinStar running in pristine condition. WinStar Facility Services makes sure everything is ready for guests. From preparing the Global Event Center for concerts to keeping the paper towels stocked, they do it all!

James Dietz, a Thackerville native, is the assistant manager for Facility Services. He leads his team well and was named “WinStar Outstanding Supervisor” in March 2016. He is even a two-time winner of the WinStar talent show! There is so much to love about James, we wanted our patrons to meet him, too!

Tell us a few things about yourself.

JD: I am a manager by day and an entertainer by night! I enjoy singing in various shows in the Texoma area along with acting, most commonly at the Butterfield Stage in Gainesville, TX. I think I also hold a record for most sticky notes used in a single shift. You may want to call Guinness and verify that, though.

We’ll get right on that, James!


What’s your role here at WinStar World Casino and Resort?

JD: My job title is “Indoor Biological Risk Elimination Operative Level III” but most people just refer to me as the assistant manager for the Facility Services department. I assist the senior manager in overseeing the day-to-day operation of the department and ensure that our property is kept at resort destination standards at all times. Thankfully, I have an amazing team that helps accomplish this task daily!

That’s quite a title. I’d like to see that printed on a business card!

How long have you worked at WinStar World Casino and Resort?

JD: I have been working here for 5 and a half years. I can’t believe it has already been that long!

How did you get into doing what you do? Was it something you always wanted to do or was it something that found you?

JD: When I first started, I had no intention of moving into management. I was 19 years old and fresh out of high school. I walked in for an interview with my wrinkled American Eagle t-shirt and Justin Bieber haircut and (thankfully) was hired. Over time, I had amazing mentors that helped guide me in this direction and because of them I happened upon this opportunity. I am so thankful for all the people that were involved in helping me get to where I am now and also for this company for granting me the continuous opportunities that I’ve received.

We’re thankful for your development over the last five years, too (and for better haircuts!).

What does your day to day at WinStar World Casino and Resort look like?

JD: That’s hard to say because every day is different! Each day poses a new and exciting challenge, whether that is turning the casino around after a sold out show in our Global Event Center, preparing our new Convention Center for events, or running between multiple restrooms to maintain the paper supply!

What gets you motivated to go to work each day?

JD: Honestly, it’s getting the opportunity to make a difference. I love to work with people and help educate them, enhance their skill set and help them advance within the department. I’ve been blessed over and over and I’m fortunate to be in a position where I can return the favor! It motivates me when I see my team succeed or earn professional accomplishments.

What is your favorite WinStar memory so far?

JD: There have been so many! Between dressing up as Toy Story’s Woody for the fall festival and singing with my friend Deb at the talent show, I can’t name just one favorite. Our department potlucks are pretty memorable, too! We have lots of talented cooks!

Don’t worry; we’ve included proof of the Woody costume. It is fantastic!

When you see James around, stop him to say hi and let him know you read about him on the WinStar blog. If you have the opportunity to see him perform on stage, don’t miss it!