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Meet the Staff: Freddy McCarty

Meet the Staff: Freddy McCarty

If you’ve ever visited the casino floor at WinStar World Casino and Resort, chances are you would recognize Freddy McCarty’s smiling face. Freddy is the Player Services Manager, and he has been on the WinStar team for 10 years. He manages a large department, and together they ensure every casino guest has an incredible experience from the moment they walk in the door until they leave.

A father of three kids and an avid basketball player, Freddy is a pretty awesome guy all around!

What’s your role here at WinStar World Casino and Resort? 

I am the Player Services Manager. My job here is very fast-paced and I manage a department of over 100 employees.

How did you get into doing what you do? Was it something you always wanted to do or was it something that found you? 

I started working for casinos when I was 18. It was a great fit and I really enjoyed it, so I have been doing it ever since.

What does your day to day at WinStar World Casino and Resort look like?  

I start the day by walking around the casino floor and checking in with the team at all the players club desks. Along the way I talk with the clerks and customers. I also attend meetings with the other marketing managers to plan out all the exciting promotions that are coming up and assist wherever I can. Then I get to spend more time on the floor at the desks with clerks and customers.

Sounds like a pretty great job! Planning promotions and spending time with fun people – sign me up!

What gets you motivated to go to work each day?   

I am motivated by my coworkers and my job responsibilities. I really enjoy my work every day and interacting with the customers and my co-workers. I love doing my part to support the Chickasaw Nation’s success!

What is your favorite WinStar memory so far?  

I have a couple favorite memories that stand out. The first year when we started expanding WinStar was very memorable. It was neat to see how everything was growing and how far we had come as a casino.

Another favorite was a time when I was visiting with a patron. The patron mentioned that a lot of casinos are similar, but she shared the reasons why she and her husband choose WinStar over others. She said it was the customer service here. She didn’t feel like just someone passing through. Every part of WinStar made her comfortable and at home. She said that she enjoyed when I came to check on her while she played and visited with her, and she considered me family. That has stuck with me; it’s what we do and why we are successful as a casino.

It’s easy to see, Freddy is a key part of the WinStar team. We are so thankful for him and the work he does. We would love to hear who you would like to see featured on our blog. Connect with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram (@WinStar_World) to let us know!

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