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Improve Your Game With GEARS 3D Swing Analysis

WinStar Golf Academy is proud to be utilizing state-of-the-art technology for Swing Analysis and Instruction to improve our customer’s results in less time. We look forward to working with you to find what’s best for your game with a revolutionary training system, GEARS 3D Swing Analysis. GEARS measures every piece of data about the swing which makes it the pinnacle of swing analysis & instruction in our profession.

What does GEARS stand for? Golf Evolution And Research Systems.

As you begin the GEARS 3D Swing Analysis system, you’ll be suited up with a motion-capture suit containing 26 sensors that will measure every aspect of your golf swing with accuracy to less than 0.2mm. (0.2mm is about the thickness of a piece of paper).

Use our clubs, pre-fit with sensors, or bring your favorite clubs, and we can attach temporary sensors to get an accurate take on your in-game swing.

Perfect every component of your swing using GEARS to analyze:

  • swing plane
  • club path
  • ball location
  • impact location
  • club head speed
  • attack angle
  • face heading
  • dynamic loft
  • kinematic sequence
  • wrist cock
  • shoulder, hip, knee, toe and spine angles
  • hip, torso, leading arm and club angular velocities
  • launch angle
  • backspin
  • and more!

At 360 frames per second, eight high-speed cameras will track your body and club movement. The GEARS system {Same thing here} takes on average, about 600 pictures of each swing, allowing you to view your swing frame-by-frame, from any angle—even from underneath your feet! WinStar Golf Academy is proud to be one of just ten in the United States to have the GEARS {And Here} system. Jon Stephenson, Director of Fitting at WinStar Golf Academy, explains how GEARS is the only system in the world that can capture all of this data at once.

“To be able to look at a golf swing from space at any angle is so beneficial to the golfer, because they can learn so much in such a short amount of time.” You can even compare your swing to the swings of PGA players in slow motion, frame-by-frame.

The winter months are the perfect time to come in and work on perfecting your swing with the GEARS 3D Swing Analysis system. Contact a pro today about optimizing your swing with GEARS.

I haven’t had ONE guy walk out of there that says, ‘Eh, it was alright’…not ONE!
– Jon Stephenson.