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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Winning a Jackpot

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Winning a Jackpot

If you’ve ever settled in for an evening of fun at WinStar World Casino and Resort, the thought may have crossed your mind about what would happen if you won a jackpot. How do you get your win? How quickly is the jackpot processed? How do the floor attendants know you’re expecting a payout?

Never fear, casino-goers! We have all the answers you crave right here.

First of all, let’s talk about what qualifies as a jackpot. A jackpot payout consists of a single win of $1,200 or more. It’s common for us to process 1,000-1,500 jackpots per day on an average weekend! In 2015, so far, we’ve paid out $279,658,369 in jackpots!

There are a few different types of jackpots:

  • Normal
  • In-house progressive
  • Wide Area Progressive (WAP)

Here, we’ll discuss how we pay out normal and in-house progressive jackpots. We’ll go into the details about WAP jackpots at another time.

Picture this: there you are, playing your favorite game. Suddenly the machine goes wild; lights flash, music sounds and the dollar amount climbs higher and higher. The next thing you know, you’ve got a jackpot on your hands.

As the machine celebrates your win, it sends a signal to our Slot Monitoring System (SMS), letting us know Lady Luck has paid you a visit. Our dispatching system (which is now 100% mobile, by the way) signals a nearby floor attendant to head your way. Our floor attendants wear a special device on their arm that signals them any time there is a call attendant request, game tilt or jackpot.

When the floor attendant arrives at your game, they’ll verify the jackpot with the game’s physical display. Once the jackpot is verified, it’s time for everyone to celebrate (including our team)! If you still want to play on your machine, you’ll be able to continue your fun once the floor attendant clears the jackpot from the game.

After that, it’s time for the floor attendant to get the paperwork ready to process your jackpot. You may receive a visit from a casino host, who will talk to you and help you celebrate your win (did I mention how much we love it when our patrons win big).

No one loves doing paperwork, but some of it is necessary so we can complete your jackpot payout and get your winnings to you as quickly as possible. You’ll need to provide a valid ID, and we’ll complete a request form for your transaction. There are a few tax documents that are required before you can receive your payment. At this time, we don’t have an option for withholding taxes, but we do follow IRS guidelines for withholding tax when it is required.

A few signatures later, you’ll be ready to accept your winnings!

The amount of your jackpot determines how much cash you can take with you. We are able to pay out up to $20K in cash and any remaining amount will be payable by a check, which is usually available within 3 working days. If you don’t live nearby and can’t stop by to pick up your check, we’ll happily mail it to you.

On average, from jackpot to payout, the entire process takes about 20 minutes, and we’re always looking for new ways to speed things up!

There you have it. Now you’re an expert on the payout process for your next jackpot at WinStar!

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